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2.Block Copolymer
    2. 1. Diblock copolymers
       2. 1. 4.  Poly(styrene-b-2-vinyl pyridine) - electronic grade
Comments:     Purification: Polymers contain some impurities in the form of salt coming from the termination of the polymerization reaction. These impurities are mostly on the level of parts per million. For applications in the electronic industries, impurities on a ppm scale still influence the morphology of the ultra-thin films. To overcome those impurities, we purified polymer rigorously by passing through columns packed with different types of packing materials, and the obtained polymer dissolved in a properly selected solvents, filtered through 0.5 micron filter paper and precipitate in dust free environment. Dried polymer packed in dust free environment in a clean glass vial/bottle and sealed under vacuum.
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P5754A-S2VP 43-b-69.0 1.20 500 1800