Our team:

At Polymer Source, we value the diversity of our employees. Scientists from different backgrounds and area of expertises are associated together to make a unique team. Each individual scientist has a noteworthy record of publications in international journals and intellectual properties. Excellent combination of their scientific knowledge in polymer and organic compound synthesis, together with their strong expertise in validating the architecture of polymers using state-of-the-art analytical tools, satisfies our customers through continuous improvement and innovation of new product/technology.


Sunil K. Varshney


Sunil K. Varshney (Ph. D. Chemistry)
President and Company founder

Sunil leads the company with his over 30 years experience in polymer synthesis. He has served as a Project Consultant (1988-1991) at NORSOLOR (A division of ORKEM, presently Total) in France. He was instrumental behind the technology transfer of anionic "living" polymerization of (meth)acrylic ester monomers to industry which was originally developed at the University of Liege, Belgium. As a dedicated researcher, Sunil published more than 125 research publications and 30 patents in his credentials.



Neelima Agarwal


Neelima Agarwal (M.Sc. Physiology)
CEO and company co-founder.

Neelima has a strong entrepreneurial drive to bring this company to success, and financial stability. She is constantly working on business development and liaison between polymer source and collaborative company to develop its business and research strategy to maintain growth and its world-wide reputation.


Zhengji Song


Zhengji Song (M. Sc, Chemistry)
Senior Research Scientist, Ionic Process Division

Zhengji joined Polymer Source in 2002 as a synthetic polymer chemist after completing his masters' from University of Montreal. He is specialized in various synthetic and break-seal techniques for the preparation of complex polymer architectures. He has published more than 10 research papers.


Yinghua Qi


Yinghua Qi (Ph. D. Chemistry)
Research Director-New Biomaterials

Yinghua joined Polymer Source as Research Director-New Materials in 2010. She has several years extensive research experiences in organic and polymer synthesis at various research institutes. After obtaining Ph. D. from China, Yinghua moved to Carleton University, Ottawa. Later on she moved to National Research Council, Ottawa. She also worked at McGill University, Montreal. She has more than 30 peer-reviewed publications, three patents, and a number of presentations at major scientific meetings. Yinghua's expertise has resulted in the development of various new break though polymers.


Carole Pelletier


Carole Pelletier (M.Sc, Chemistry)
Research Scientist, Control Radical Division

Carole joined Polymer Source in 2010 after completion her masters' from University of Bordeaux 1, France. She worked 6 months at St-Jean Photochimie, QC on RAFT polymerization. She has wide experience on control radical process.

Technical Support Staff

Yu Juan Wang


Yu Juan Wang
Product Manager

Yu Juan did her M.Sc in Chemistry from University of Montreal. She joined Polymer Source in 2011 and working as Product Manager in the company. She has published more than 10 research papers.

Nazanin Hashemipoor


Nazanin Hashemipoor
(B.Sc, Dip. Computer Sc)
Poly-informatics Specialist

Nazanin obtained her B.Sc. from Iran in Statistics, in 2010; she has completed her Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from Concordia University, Montreal. She joined Polymer Source in 2010 and working as Polyinformatics specialist.

Office Staff

Kavita Korotania


Kavita Korotania(B.Com.)
Administrative Secretary

Kavita did her B.Com. (Administrative as major) in 1999 from University of Delhi. In 2007, she joined in Polymer Source. She has several years work experiences in administration and currently she is serving the company as administrative secretary.